Here are some small memories from the 1° edition

SKANK! DUB FEST is a music event focused on Sound System Culture.

The Noise Pollution Academy, ProLoco of Rorà, Koliba bar restaurant and Il Glomere camping join forces in promoting the territory and emerging local musicians that belong to the DUB scene.
The first edition of the event lasted 2 days and featured international artists such as Kandee (FR), Ras Divarius (FR), Awa Fall (IT), Moa Anbessa (IT), and Michael Exodus (IT).

The second edition will take place at the Parco Montano di Rorà, in a breathtaking natural landscape, in the heart of Val Pellice, at an altitude of 1200 meters, offering the opportunity for camping and enjoying a weekend of celebration, relaxation, and fun amidst the greenery of our valleys.
For this edition as well, there will be many international artists and the backdrop will showcase numerous emerging artists from the valleys and Turin within the genre, providing them the space and visibility they deserve.